Month: January 2018

A Good Website is a Valuable Asset

A Good Website is a Valuable Asset

A good website has become a necessity which means you need someone to help you design a website and someone to host it. Web hosting services provide the tools, technologies, and expertise needed for a website to be viewed on the Internet. Since there are […]

Web Design Possibilities for Small Businesses

Web Design Possibilities for Small Businesses

What Is Web Design? A marketing tool that takes into consideration aspects of a company’s website and the site’s potential for drawing in new customers and retaining current customers. Web design is not only the production and creation of the website but the maintenance of […]

Chart Review Can Lead to Better Outcomes across the Board

Chart Review Can Lead to Better Outcomes across the Board

Few aspects of healthcare administration management is as important as chart review. It also is one area that can see a degree of resistance, mainly because auditing your chart documentation will identify and display not just mistakes in documentation, but who made them. That degree of accountability is always a potential sore spot, but it also is necessary to avoid problems down the line; here’s why.

Federal Compliance

Coding issues, especially if they are frequent, raises red flags with the Feds. The best way to avoid problems is to regular review your medical charts and document where mistakes were made and who made them. That gives you an opportunity to retrain the offending staff, which will lead to better compliance levels, which with the federal government, is always the goal.

Red Flag Follow-Up

Not everything flagged on a medical chart is a mistake. Some things flagged are areas that can quickly be confused and lead to a mistake. If you have several of these over multiple charts, you can identify who the employee and initiate training. If it is facility-wide, you can potentially avoid a larger mistake by addressing the red flag before it becomes a mistake.

Better Patient Care

Concurrent chart reviews allow for real-time checking of the activities of staff in regards to patient care. This is important because if something is being overlooked or over-used, it sticks out during the review. That allows management to address the deficiency or mistake before it adversely affects a patient or results in a coding issue.

Avoiding Mistakes

High volumes of patients lead to mistakes; it is just the law of average. Being able to spot mistakes through a chart review lets employees and management be on the lookout for similar scenarios, which leads to fewer mistakes.

Proper Documentation

Recording chart activities incorrectly can lead to a host of issues. Two of them are lower reimbursement rates for services provided and the correct documentation being challenged in the event of a lawsuit. Addressing the first issue leads to more revenue for the establishment. Addressing the second can lead to a cleaner line of documentation, which could be the difference in a lawsuit.

Cleaner Documentation

Most mistakes or disagreements in life come down to a lack of or miscommunication. The same holds true with medical charts. Routine checks identify mistakes and that can lead to discovering staff who chart poorly or incompletely or staff who need retraining. Addressing both leads to cleaner documentation, which makes it easier to treat patients.

The issue of chart review can be prickly because it means more accountability. In the long run, however, being a stickler on making sure medical charts are filled out accurately can result in more revenue, greater levels of compliance, healthier patients and happier Administrators.

5 Fascinating Facts About Cognitive Development

5 Fascinating Facts About Cognitive Development

It’s unbelievable what our brains can do. This fascinating, complex system makes our world go round (literally!) and opens up so many possibilities for human life. Our brains are constantly working so fast to make every thought and every movement happen. Cognitive skills training- from […]

What Is Collagen? A Skin Care Guide

What Is Collagen? A Skin Care Guide

Collagen is an important protein found in the body. It serves a number of important purposes, and makes up a significant portion of your hair, skin, and nails. It consists of a variety of amino acids, all combining to form one of nature’s most vital beauty […]

Reasons to Give Crystal Figurines as Presents

Reasons to Give Crystal Figurines as Presents

The world today is saturated with both goods and advertising that tells you to buy them. Many people give into the temptation to purchase items that will only be used for a few months before being tossed out. However, when you get a gift with some weight, both emotionally and literally, the item will be appreciated and kept for many years. crystal figurines are collectibles that are designed for longevity and beauty. Whether you’re searching for crystal gifts for collectors or for a special occasion, they’ll really make an impression.

In Commemoration of an Event

Anniversaries and special events call for gifts that aren’t flimsy or easy to replace. If you want to get something attractive that can be placed on a shelf, on a mantle, or in the center of a desk, crystal figurines never look out of place in a classy set-up. Many people have dedicated shelves for their figurines, but these work as gifts for anyone who appreciates objects that are well-made and that still have the weight of something of value.

For the Collector

If your loved one collects objects from Star Wars, from Disney, or a specific kind of animal, adding a nce crystal variety can take their collection to another level. These objects will stand the test of time and are a unique take on themes that are close to the heart of people of all ages. Because crystal is clear and bright, if a crystal object is set on a lit shelf, everyone will be able to see the dazzling effect of an object that is created to stand out in a room.

For a Child’s Birthday

Giving a child a gift that should only be looked at and not touched is not the average. However, putting a beautiful object on a child’s shelf they can become familiar with and appreciate for years is more special than giving them a toy that they’ll soon outgrow. These days, with so much of our lives online, the objects we hang onto are those that have especially good craftsmanship and that commemorate special events. You can even get crystal figurines engraved to make them more memorable.

Corporate Thanks

For a high-profile person, getting a crystal trophy or crystal figurines as thanks for years of dedicated service will really make them feel that their time at a company has been impactful. This is why crystal is a top choice for professional gifts.