How to Determine Whether You Need A Hearing Aid?

If you have a problem in listening to other’s voices and sounds then you may be suffering from hearing loss. It may make it difficult to hear conversations of other people. To solve this issue, hearing aids proves to be a beneficial way to make sounds louder. Unfortunately, it cannot change the way your ears function.

Signs that you experience hearing loss

You will notice a few early warning signs that indicate loss of earing. Below is a list of signs that can give you an indication of hearing loss.

  • You often complain that people mumble.
  • You have many times asked people to say again.
  • You set volume of the radio or television a lot louder than others.
  • Have difficulty in understanding what is said at the theater, movies, place of worship, or other forms of public gatherings.
  • Have difficulty in comprehending conversations in a social setting.
  • Face trouble in understanding if someone is speaking from another room.
  • You get more irritable, impatient, withdrawn or frustrated.
  • You face problems to understand people when you are not able to see faces of people.
  • You have to make an effort to hear conversations.
  • You don’t want to become the first person to initiate a conversation.
  • You are not able to hear voices when people speak softly.
  • You can’t hear properly when you talk to someone on the telephone.

What is the reason for not being able to hear people but can’t understand them?

People who experience hearing loss have little less normal hearing abilities in the mid and low-pitched sounds. They experience hearing loss when hearing high-pitched sounds. Some of the examples of low-pitched sounds are vowel sounds such as “o, ah, ooh, e, a” etc.

A few examples where the sound is high-pitched are “s, th, f,” etc. The problem of hearing loss gets worse in background noise. This is because background noise causes interference in the speech and covers it up. This type of hearing problem is mostly linked with sensorineural hearing loss that results from break in the auditory nerve and inner ear endings.

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Who are more prone to hearing loss?

Hearing loss can happen at any age. It is more likely to happen as one gets older. It is one of the basic signs in the passing age. Thus, it should not come off as a surprise to you. The hearing power of a person starts to diminish with the increase in age. Thanks to the several types of hearing aids available on the market, that aids in restoring back the hearing power of a person.


Hearing loss is not a very major issue. With the advancement of hearing aid technology, you can easily overcome this problem. If you relate to any of the signs, then you must consider using a good quality hearing aid.

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