4 Clever Uses for Shock Cords

Ah, the bungee cord. Also known as a shock cord, this ubiquitous device can be found in dresser drawers, in the trunks of car, and stored in places like businesses, schools, and stores in bulk. Shock cords can be seen being utilized for all sorts of purposes because they’re so versatile. If you need something to serve the task of securing an item in an unorthodox way, the bungee shock cord can probably do it. Here are just a few of the problems you can solve with shock cords.

1. Holding Grocery Bags in Place

It can be incredibly frustrating after an afternoon in the grocery store to have all that stuff you just bought fall all over the floor of your car. Reusable bags, of course, can’t really stand on their own, so they’re even worse than the old paper bags! But what can you do? Shock cords to the rescue! Fasten one end of a shock cord around the one side of your car’s head rest, then run the cord through the grocery bag handles, and secure the other end back on the head rest, and voila! No more spills!

2. Secure Trash Bags

Few things are more irritating than trash bags that slip down into the garbage can. All it takes is an empty jar of peanut butter to send the entire thing into the bottom of the can. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to wrap a bungee cord around the top of your can, holding the outer edge of the trash bag in place.

3. Barrier for Wire Shelves

Wire shelving is a cheap and versatile way to store your stuff. The problem is you’re limited in what you can store because there’s no barrier for holding everything in. If you’re using wire shelves in your garage or workspace, you don’t want to have to gingerly place and remove things because you’re worried about spilling. Strong, yet elastic, shock cords make ideal shelf barriers. Merely run your cord across the front of your shelves, secure it to one of the posts, and everything is now secure.

4. Portable Toy Mobile

If you have an infant, you need to keep that baby entertained at all times, especially on road trips! If you run a bungee cord across the top of the car between the rooftop handles, you can hang baby toys all along the cord. This will amuse your child without blocking your rear view!

Whether you just need a bungee cord or two, or prefer to buy them in bulk, shock cords will always find a use in your daily life.

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