The Top Causes of Concrete Foundation Cracks

Nearly all modern homes sit on a concrete slab. Concrete is a cheap but hard substance that easily lays a firm foundation for homes. Concrete is strong and harder to damage than other building materials like wood and even some metals, which is why it’s today’s go-to material for beginning home construction.

But concrete isn’t invulnerable to damage. Concrete can crack. When this happens to a foundation, unusual things can happen in your home. Flooring materials may buckle or split; doors and windows may be difficult to close; you might even find dangerous gaps around doors and windows to the exterior of your home.

Why does this happen and what can you do to prevent it?

Here’s a guide to the 2 most common causes of cracked home foundations, and some helpful advice on what you can do to fix the problem.

Changes in Soil

Long periods of drought can cause the soil under and around your home to shrink. Wet seasons can make the soil expand as it fills with moisture. After extreme periods of dryness or moisture, the soil will return to its original state, expanding or contracting. Because your home’s concrete foundation sits atop this soil, the concrete can shift too. But concrete isn’t flexible enough to move with shifting soil. It can crack as a result of periods of shrinking and swelling as the soil under the foundation changes. 

Poor Drainage

Bad roof gutters or flooding in your basement may also lead to moisture saturation under your home’s foundation. Again, extreme changes in the moisture of the soil can cause foundation concrete cracks. Poor yard grading or bad footing drainage systems may also cause moisture to collect around or under the foundation. If cracks form, your best solution is concrete slab crack repair with epoxy resins. A concrete wall crack repair expert can identify the causes and extent of damage to the foundation, then repair it accordingly.

Concrete slab crack repair with epoxy is the most recommended treatment option for cracked concrete. Rather than having to do intensive repairs and laying new concrete, epoxy is used to fill the cracks in your home’s foundation with strong plastic resins. This helps secure a concrete slab or wall, smooth its appearance, and stabilize the structure. 

If your home has a cracked foundation or any other cracked concrete surfaces and you’re interested in concrete slab crack repair with epoxy, contact a concrete repair company near you.

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