3 Ways to Get Your Landscaping Ready for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and now is the time to think about getting your landscaping ready. Here are 3 ways you can prepare your outdoor space for spring.


The first way you can get your lawn and garden in prime condition for the better weather is to clean. Clear out any old leaves, fallen branches, and debris that have accumulated over the winter months. You can use a rake, or leaf blower to help you clear out the unwanted mess. It is important to remove the buildup so that fertilizer, sunlight, and proper nutrients can reach the new grass growth underneath.

This is also a good opportunity to clean up other areas of your outdoor space. You can power wash the siding on your shed, garage, or house. It’s also a good time to put the old Christmas decorations away, and clean off the grill for all the barbecues to come.


Early spring is the perfect time to prepare for a healthy yard. Apply a combination of a pre-emergent and a fertilizer to feed your grass and prevent invading species from growing. You should wait 6-8 weeks and then reapply the mixture with a weed killer. You should replace old mulch with new, and trim back any tree or shrub branches that have become overgrown. Trimming trees before the foliage appears is a great way to easily see and assess the condition of the branches.   

While the weather is warm but not hot is an opportune time to do the time intensive projects you didn’t get around to last year. Painting surfaces, potting plants, reorganizing the garage, installing a new lawn fixture, staining fences, and cleaning the pool are all good examples of projects to do while the weather is comfortable and you can spend more time on lengthy projects outside before becoming overheated.

Pavement and Extras

Lastly, you can tend to the other areas of your landscaping like pavement, water features, and more. You can clean and seal your concrete to make it last longer and look better. You should use a concrete repair fast setting solution to save on time and energy.

Using a concrete repair fast setting option will help you repair any damages and have your sidewalk or driveway back to regular use in no-time. Spring can be a great time to switch outside lights to energy efficient ones, set up some solar power options, and make your landscaping not only attractive, but more energy efficient as well.  

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