Website Design Do’s And Don’t’s

Are you creating your own website? Whether you are using a hosting domain or creating your own, there are things to keep in mind that will help your website be the most successful and keep people’s attention. Within five seconds of clicking on your website, you want your visitors to be able to determine what your company does; you want them to be able to navigate with ease, understand your pricing or mottos, and represent your brand.


 Going straight to building the website is premature. It is imperative that you plan and figure out how to meet the needs of your customers or visitors. You should map out their visit from the first page they will see. 

 Don’t Include

 If you put too many animations or written content that contains too many words, you will lose your visitors’ attention. Most adults have an attention span of eight seconds when clicking through websites, so your website only has a short amount of time to catch their attention. Including stock images or animations would also not make your website very unique and catchy. 


 A great way to have your website shared and seen by the largest possible audience is to include buttons for people to share on social media. High traffic can be expected when a page is shared on social media. In a no pressure way, it encourages people to share your content with others.


 You want to use photos that represent your company. Original images or unique stock images would be best so that visitors are not seeing the same images repetitively on other websites. 


 You will want to make sure that visitors can navigate through your website and find the things that they need in the order that they need to. If your website is disorganized or confusing, you will lose views and potential customers. If they cannot find what they need to, there is no reason to stay on your website.


 80% of internet users own a smart phone, having a mobile site is imperative to ensure that your website is compatible with a smart phone or other tablet device. Streamlining your website to also be functional on a mobile device will allow people to access it from the most used internet device.   There are so many websites online today. Following these do’s and don’ts will help your website stand out. If you are using a hosting domain or building your own website, keep these things in mind.

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