How To Quickly Remove Or Edit Audio From Videos With Movavi Video Editor

While most people think about the visual footage of a video file, in some situations you just want to remove audio from video to then edit it. This can have many different uses but few people actually know how to do it. Instead of relying on the highly advanced programs that are available on the market right now, you can always use Movavi Video Editor to remove audio from video. The software’s main purpose is to edit video but it can do wonders with audio.

How To Remove Audio With Movavi Video Editor

After you download Movavi Video Editor and install it, you obviously have to open it. After, you want to import the video file that you want to have the audio extracted from. Wait for the program to import it and then add it to the timeline. The next step is the simplest one yet.

If you want to select just the audio from the video, all you need to do is save it as MP3. You basically have to export the video as an MP3 file. Choose the appropriate format from the export feature and then wait for the conversion to happen.

Take Your Edits To The Next Level

Since Movavi Video Editor is software designed to edit video files, you have access to numerous editing features that you can utilize. They also apply to audio. Simply cut the parts of the audio you are not interested in. If you want to make the audio volume higher, this is possible through a couple of clicks. You can even add some effects if you want to.

Take Full Advantage OfMovavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor makes film editing much more fun than it used to be and completely accessible for everyone, no matter the level of technical knowledge. Use it in order to edit any video or to just remove audio from film footage with the steps mentioned above. You can easily use the free trial option of the program to see all it is capable of. This allows you to quickly make a decision and see if it is for you or not.

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