3 Tips on Choosing the Right Industrial Exhaust Fan

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Industrial Exhaust Fan

An industrial exhaust fan serves a lot of purposes. It removes odors from a workspace or garage, helps moderate temperatures and even can improve air quality. Getting the right size fan, however, is not as simple as buying the first one you see. Here are some things you must consider to make sure your fan can do what you want it to do.


Industrial exhaust fans are rated by the ability of the fan to move cubic feet of air per minute. Making sure your fan can move enough cubic feet per minute is the key to ensuring it can pull the air you want out of your workspace or garage and pull new air in. There are several online sources that you can use to estimate your needed cubic foot per minute ratio or you can have a professional come out and do a formal estimate. It is a good idea to do both as then you have some idea if the estimate from the professional is within the ballpark of what you think you will need.

Type of Installation

Two key questions are where and how to install your industrial or garage exhaust fans. This can greatly impact the effectiveness of your fan. A window at the end of a building can be a perfect location, but you may have to consider a roof installation or a ceiling installation. You also should consider where you have existing wiring to alleviate having to do a lot of wiring to power your fan. The best approach for the fan installation is to rely on a professional HVAC technician to recommend placement and then an electrician to recommend a wiring configuration.

Sound Levels

Industrial strength fans make a lot of noise on their own. Sound is measured in sones as it pertains to exhaust fans. There are several online guides to help you determine the optimum sone level for the space you want to install the fan. If your calculation for the sone level you need exceeds four, you may want to consider another fan configuration and possibly even getting a second fan to both reduce the workload of the fan system.

There are a lot of issues that have to be considered when choosing industrial exhaust fans. Proper strength, ability to clear odors and improve air quality are just a few. By following these tips, you can ensure that you will not get a fan that is under powered or too much for the space you want to use it in.

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