5 Things to Consider in a Crane Mat

5 Things to Consider in a Crane Mat

When you’re setting up a construction site – or any operation involving heavy equipment – few things are more important than choosing the appropriate crane mat. The safety of the site, the machinery, and the crew depend on having the right kind of mats to support cranes and other types of tracked heavy equipment. Fortunately, the construction industry has dozens of different kinds of mats to handle every scenario. Here are some of the factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a mat.

1. The Work Site

Crane mats are designed to operate in the most extreme environments. Wood and steel rig mats are available if you’re working offshore or on tundra. If you have to cross a river or a stream, bridge mats are available, avoiding the need to haul in fill and protecting the water from any contamination.

2. The Size of the Job

Crane mats are used in all kinds of work. From small jobs, to mining operations and nuclear power plants. What kind of equipment do you intend to use? How many workers? When looking to purchase or rent mats for bigger jobs, it’s helpful to discuss with the salespeople to see which mats are right for you.

3. The Accessibility of the Work Site

The more remote the location of the operation, the more mats and skids you’re going to need. To get the cranes and people to the work site, access mats can be used to create temporary roads for increased efficiency and to diminish unnecessary strain on the environment. Building portable, temporary roads saves the time and expense required in grading, while having a solid, stable work environment enhances the safety for crews and equipment.

4. Speed of Mat Construction

Choosing the appropriate crane mat simplifies the start of the construction process, shortening the time required in preparation, allowing for quicker work. Building bridge and road mats is faster than grading a construction site, while durable, composite deck mats that interlock are an efficient and easy way to build a stable work site.

5. Mat Materials

Is there a lot of moisture in the construction site? Make sure the mats are treated to prevent rot, or are made of steel or composite. You’ll need that piece of mind to have a safe and productive work site.

There are dozens of different types of bridge, road and crane mats available to work all kinds of jobs. Discuss your needs with your crane mat dealer to make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

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