All about appendectomy and what to expect

All about appendectomy and what to expect

Appendectomy is an emergency surgery that is performed to treat the condition of appendicitis. Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix. Although there is no definite known role of the appendix in our body but is at times suggested that it has a role to play in the immunity of the gut. A person without an appendix can survive without any known consequences. However, it still is a procedure that demands necessary precautions and pre-requisites. Even though it isn’t a vital organ and performs negligible functions, one can’t take appendectomy lightly.

Why is it performed?

Appendectomy is performed almost in an emergency when appendicitis is diagnosed because an inflamed appendix can burst almost any time, and will then spill all the infectious material in the abdomen cavity. This can cause irreparable and serious damage in some cases as the infection can spread quickly without showcasing any major symptoms. This can later lead to inducing a condition called peritonitis which is actually a serious inflammation in the cavity of the abdomen.

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How is it done?

The surgery involving the removal of the appendix after appendicitis is known as appendectomy and can be performed in two ways, one is the open surgery and the other being laparotomy. The difference between the two is in the size of the incision made on the abdomen of the person to be operated. Open surgery involves an incision of 2 to 4 inches while the laparoscopic operation involves the use of laparoscope with an incision of 5 to 10 centimetres. Laparoscopic appendectomy in India can be performed conveniently due to the availability of well-skilled surgeons across the country.

Before treating an appendix for appendicitis, to control an infection the appendix can be drained of the abscess formed and the operation of appendectomy can be then performed even several weeks after the drainage is done.

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Important things to consider

Appendicitis is usually diagnosed through a physical examination. Once you report the pain to the doctor, he or she might apply pressure at the place of the appendix in the abdomen and if you have appendicitis the pain would be worse after the doctor removes the pressure. If you experience pain in the abdomen which you suspect can be in the appendix, one must avoid strenuous activity. Also, support the abdomen when and if you cough. Also, make sure that the doctor knows if any pain medication doesn’t help. Take adequate rest as per doctor’s suggestion and diligently follow all pre-surgery and post-surgery directions.

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