Cannot Determine Which Marker will Suit your White Board? Here are Few Tips you can consider

Cannot Determine Which Marker will Suit your White Board? Here are Few Tips you can consider

White boards are the most important tools used in classrooms and conference room. They makes your life simpler in a meeting as you can easily jot down all the important points you need to make and wipe away anything you no longer need. The main aim of using white board is that it helpsto highlight all the important information to an audience.

If you’re wondering which markers to use on which white boards, we’ve put together some tips you can follow…

  1. Select the contrast colored marker for your white board- It is obvious that the color of the marker needs to be in contrast with the board. Black is the typical color of choice, but you can highlight different information by using various colors such as red, green or blue.
  2. Consider the marker which lasts long but is easily erasable- You should go for a marker which should not leave any marks but is strong enough to be easily visible. It should at least serve the purpose for which it is used but it should be easily erasable. Office staff make use of dry erase markersto scribble important information that doesn’t need to last forever. These markers can be easily erased without water.

For long term purposes wet erase ink marker is used. It is made up of semi-permanent paste, which getserased only with water.  If the ink does not erase with water then you can use household cleanser or alcohol for removing it.

  1. Select the tips which go well with the space- There are various sizesof markers available in the market including the the skinny type, the fat one, and more. Which you use basically depends on what you need it for and personal preference. If you require it just to highlight the important point for your reminder then skinny tip marker will do, whereas if you’re using whiteboards for group presentations then the thicker tips will help you’re writing stand out..

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