Features of the Best Medical Alert Systems

Features of the Best Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are a great way to have peace of mind whether you’re the one using the alert system or you’re monitoring a loved one. When you’re looking for the best medical alert system on the market, there are a few specific features you should know about. This will ensure you find the right system for both safety and convenience.

Transmitter Options

It’s important to have a transmitter that’s comfortable to wear, yet easy to access in the event of an emergency. Pendants are much smaller than they were years ago, so they can easily be worn around the neck discreetly. There are also transmitters that can be worn on the wrist like a watch or even clipped to the belt. In addition, the transmission button should be easy to push but recessed so that it’s not constantly being pushed accidentally.


The transmitter also needs to be durable so that it can withstand normal use. It should be shock-resistant or else it likely won’t do its job after a fall. It also needs to be waterproof because many falls occur in the shower or bathtub. Be sure to find a device that can be used while bathing to increase user safety. Be sure to check the battery life on the transmitter pendant as well.

Range Capabilities

The person using the monitoring system should never feel like a prisoner in their own home because of the fear of being out of transmission range if something happens. There are transmitter pendants that can support a 1,000-foot range so that transmission is possible in any area of the home or yard. There are also systems that are GPS-enabled that would be capable of transmitting for help from any location.

Increased Monitoring Capabilities

There are also additional monitoring options to consider. It’s a good idea to have a monitoring system that has fall detection, in case the user is rendered unconscious. There are also systems that provide motion detection, medication reminders, and temperature monitoring to help family members keep a closer eye on a loved one when needed.

Immediate Emergency Communication

Finally, the best medical alert system will provide the user with the ability to communicate with help immediately. The transmitter should have two-way capabilities so that someone can respond immediately and determine what level of help is needed. Depending on the situation, family members or emergency personnelwill be contacted.

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