How to Find the Right Molded Pulp Tray Manufacturers

How to Find the Right Molded Pulp Tray Manufacturers

Product packaging can be a tricky business because so many things can go wrong in the shipping process. Molded pulp trays are a popular choice, since molded pulp tray manufacturers can create trays to your exact product dimensions, providing a reliable shield for your products. The material is also relatively eco-friendly since it’s made from water and recycled paper. This means there will be little waste and the end trays are completely biodegradable. Before you choose a manufacturer, however, there are a few factors to consider.


The first factor that most people look at is the cost. This is not necessarily the wrong instinct to have, considering the fact that you do need to make a profit at your business. However, cost isn’t the only factor to consider, either. Rather, it’s a good first step. When you start looking for molded pulp tray manufacturers, it helps to start with a list of companies in your general price range and then go from there. While compiling this initial list, it helps to call the company to get a price estimate directly from a representative. That way, you can ask about any hidden charges or fees that might crop up along the way.


Before you choose a molded pulp tray supplier, you should make sure they deliver a quality product that will suit you and your business. Try to get samples if you can and make sure the company can create a customized tray to fit your products correctly while withstanding the rigors of transport. You should also ask the manufacturers to make sure they can deliver their trays in the quantities you need in the time that you’ll need them. Some businesses have a minimum or maximum number of trays that you would need to buy. The manufacturers shouldn’t be your only source of information, though. It also helps to check online reviews to hear what other past clients have to say about the quality of the trays over time.


While you’re looking at reviews for molded pulp tray manufacturers, you can also get a general sense of their reputation. Their past clients can give you a good idea of how easy they will be to work with. A good company will be accommodating to you and your needs and will be willing to work with you and answer your questions about tray sizing, shipment, and so on.

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