Important Information About Hair Removal in West Hollywood

Simply put, laser hair removal in West Hollywood is one of the easiest and most permanent ways to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body. When you visit licensed professionals who are experts in this treatment, you are on your way to never plucking, shaving or waxing again. For many, the initial discomfort is well worth it, because never have to endure a painful wax treatment again. Hair removal in West Hollywood is best achieved via laser, and here is some information about your pre and post-treatment.

Before Your Treatment

Once you’ve had your initial consultation and scheduled your laser treatment, there are a few things you must do prior to your procedure. For example, many of your normal beauty products, such as Affirm, alpha hydroxy, astringents, benzoyl peroxide, Differin, glycolic acid, Prevage, Renova, retin-A, salicylic acid, Tazorac and toners must be avoided for 7 days prior to your treatment. Make certain to read the ingredients of all your skincare products to ensure you’re not using any of the blacklisted items.

You should avoid sun tanning for three weeks before your treatment. This includes using tanning creams or visiting the salon tanning bed. Don’t use any depilatories, pluck or wax the area targeted for hair removal in West Hollywood for five weeks before your treatment, and always wear sunscreen because you cannot have your laser therapy if you’re sunburned. Shave your treatment area the night before your appointment for laser therapy.

Day of Your Treatment

You’ll wake up excited that about your laser treatment, so make note of the following things so you don’t forget. Do not go to the treatment center with deodorant, lotion or make up on. Your skin must be completely bare for your therapy. If you are prone to getting cold sores, ask your doctor for a cold sore medication to take the of your laser treatment if it’s on your face. You will be given a numbing cream to put on about 30 minutes before your scheduled session. Do so to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

You Cannot Have Your Treatment If…

Alongside the above no-no’s prior to your session for hair removal in West Hollywood, you may have to postpone your therapy if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, you have been prescribed antibiotics, or if you have a cold sore on your face. The latter is only a problem if you are having laser done to your face.

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