Initial Consultation with Car Accident Lawyer – Answers to Be Prepared with And Questions to Ask

Initial Consultation with Car Accident Lawyer – Answers to Be Prepared with And Questions to Ask

Hiring an attorney for legal advice related to personal injury or car accident or family dilemma is overwhelming. You don’t know which one is ideal for representing your case. If you are looking for a car accident attorney then make here are some basic steps to follow.

  • Make a list of experienced lawyers capable to deal with your kind of case.
  • An initial face-to-face consultation is crucial because this gives an opportunity to know about the specific attorney’s education, skill, strategy, style, fees, and your comfort level. So, schedule appointment for initial consultation with two to three lawyers from the list.
  • On the basis of this initial consultation decide the car accident lawyer, you feel can represent your case.

Generally, lawyers for motor vehicle accidents ask the following questions given below and you need to be prepared to answer them.

Answers to be prepared with during first consultation

  • When and how did this accident happen? Provide the date and as many details as you can.
  • Was a police report filed? What is said in the report?
  • Did the man driving the other car admit of being at fault?
  • How did you reach the medical care? When?
  • What was damaged? Were MRIs or X-rays taken?
  • Give a comprehensive injuries list?
  • Is there permanent condition? What kind?
  • Do you know the responsible driver’s insurance policy limits?
  • Are you the holder of underinsured motorist coverage?

These questions during initial consultation with a vehicle accident attorney will be the basis of representation.

Questions to discuss with lawyer

You will also need to ask the potential lawyer questions, during initial consultation. Below are questions that will be basis of your decision to hire.

Education and experience

  • For how long are you practicing personal injury law?
  • Besides representing car accident victims, do you perform other kinds of legal works?
  • How many cases related to car accidents do you settle every year?
  • How many trial cases do you represent every year?
  • Where and when did you complete the law school?
  • Are you connected with bar association? Which one?
  • Have you represented a client with permanent auto car injuries like neck or back pains similar to mine?

Case assessment

The lawyer will also ask several kinds of questions mentioned above. After describing your accident and injury details ask their opinion.

  • What is your judgment about my case?
  • What factors are favorable?
  • What type of financial settlement can I realistically expect to get?
  • Is mediation or arbitration an option?
  • What is the duration you expect my case would take to close?


  • How is your approach to practicing law?
  • How do you handle car accident cases?
  • Describe your working with client’s style? Will you ask my decisions or tell me what needs to be done?

Case management

  • Who will handle my case personally?
  • Will you or your assistant handle court appearances and negotiations?
  • Will progress report be provided? How frequently?
  • What are the ways to contact you? How rapidly do you respond?

Fee pattern

  • What is your fee structure?
  • Is there any retainer fee?
  • If there is no settlement then will I need to pay charges?

Post meeting

After meeting gets completed take some time [Not too much] to reflect on the lawyer’s behavior, skills, experience, your comfort level, and trust on lawyer’s judgment. Once you are satisfied with your decision then you are prepared to progress.

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