Meet The New Marketing Team – Your Customers!

Meet The New Marketing Team – Your Customers!

Today’s digital marketplace is wide open with the opportunity to generate interest and attraction to your brand. More channels exist to pump messages directly to your target audience than ever before. One potential pitfall that many newcomers to the world of digital communications often fail to realize is that customers expect to be an active part of the conversation. Gone are the days when digital marketing communications existed as a one-way pipeline for companies to broadcast good things about their brands. Now, a 24/7 interactive conversation takes place beyond the control of marketers. Actual people bring their perceptions, experiences and emotions about your product or service and unabashedly discuss them in an open forum. If they love you, it is great. They will enthusiastically espouse your virtues. However, if they feel you have wronged them with poor quality or substandard service, look out because you are likely in for some rough verbal treatment.

Blurry Lines

The rapidly evolving digital communications landscape can make It hard for customers to know exactly where information about your company originates. Electronic press releases, blog posts, advertorials, news stories, social media comments are just a few of the sources for information about your business. This ambiguity sometimes works against you because inaccurate information about your business can be made to appear like factual material from a reliable source. Proactive engagement on the part of the brand marketing team clears up misinformation and counters untruths with hard facts about your product or service.

Feel The Love

Digital communications make highlighting your good points easier than ever. Putting your best foot forward is one aspect of digital marketing communications that never changes. Believe it or not, people want to love your brand. In fact, millions prove this desire by not only supporting but by becoming active fans of their favorite companies. It is the natural human psychological desire to be associated with a winner that drives this phenomenon. Conversely, the natural desire to mark an enemy and alert their kind to danger will work against you if you disappoint your customer in any way.

Influence, Not Control

Getting people to love your brand is quite simple: provide phenomenal service without fail. When you treat people well, they feel good about it. And, when they feel good about your company, they will be overcome with a strong desire to share that good feeling you provided them with as many people as possible. They will become evangelists for your brand without any further effort on your part. It truly is that simple.

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