How to Select the Best Color Schemes for Your Conference Halls and Lobbies

How to Select the Best Color Schemes for Your Conference Halls and Lobbies

Color has a special impact on the minds and emotions of people. Every color invokes a different kind of sentiment among people. Whether you are considering for a public area like a lobby or focused spaces like conference or meeting rooms, you need to focus on the objective of the people, who will gather there.

Green color

Green is a sign of creativity and hard work. It has been seen that when the walls of the office rooms especially conference or meeting room were painted with this color, there has been enhanced work productivity. Green is the color that encourages and motivates one to work more. Thus, wherever you want to enhance work productivity, green is the best color to use at those places.

Also, you need to look that the color you are choosing for your meeting room should match the lighting requirements of the place. Correct matching of colors will help people to clearly see papers and computer screens.

Pink color

This is the color that helps in minimalizing the aggressive behavior of people. It is best suited at places where you want a calming effect. Home is the best place to get your walls painted in this color. The other places could be the dressing room for sports teams and jail cells where there is a possibility of aggressive behavior. Other colors that could be used in the place of pink is white and blue.


Red is the color of energy. Though it is thought to be a color to infuse enthusiasm and energy in people, it is the not the right color to be used in the meeting rooms. This is due to the reason that it can result in anger, trap, frustration and hostility among people. A workplace should have a peaceful environment with a sense of creativity and hard work. So proper selection of the color is needed that instills all these positive qualities in the employees.

What would be the right color of a lobby?

Conference room decorating ideas for the lobby is decided to keep in mind several different factors. Lobby is a place that is used to showcase the products and services of a business. You need to choose the most appropriate colors to support in advertising them in the best possible way.

One of the ideas is to use two to three main colors and add them to the opposing walls to bring a unifying and cohesive overall effect. The current trend is to is neutral colors like chocolate brown, taupe and gray to balance the appearance and properly connect the lobby to adjoining hallways and rooms.

When choosing the right color, you also need to think about the right size of the space. The larger the room space, the freer you are to paint its walls with vibrant colors. Small lobbies should use neutral colors that make the place look conservative and not overpowering. It should accentuate the furniture and other focal points of the room.


Thus, color plays an important role in bringing the right mindset among people. Color for a resting place is different from that of a workplace. Learning the importance of colors and the impact of different colors, and then making an appropriate decision can make a huge positive difference.

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