Understand Roofing Estimate and Eliminating Future Problems with The Contractor

When it comes to home renovation projects, nothing is as important as the roofing repairs. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that roof improvement isn’t a cheap project. This especially implies when you work with renowned and professional roofing companies, which of course is a good idea.

Here we have covered all the points, which will help you understand a roof improvement estimate. Those numbers on the sheet fall under different heads and understanding those different heads ensure that you know where your money is going.

The main two heads of roofing quote

In general, any contractor will provide you with an estimate figure after checking out your roofing area. Well, this isn’t a proper way to do so. Ideally a roofing estimate must clear what is charged for materials and labor individually. These are after all the main two heads and thus understanding their cost individually is necessary.


Roofing contractors usually add some markup to the original market price of roofing materials. This is pretty normal, since they have to deal with other overheads of running a business. However, this doesn’t mean that they charge you way to high. For this, it is ideal that you contact a roofing material supplier in your area and get a general estimate of material cost. If your contractor is adding up to 30% of markup on material it is normal. However, anything above 30% isn’t acceptable.


When you receive a quote for a home improvement project, it is quite normal that it will have labor costs added to it. This is the same case when we talk about roofing estimate. When you get the quote for your roof installation, make sure the labor cost includes the following:

  • Removing of old roof
  • Installing new roof
  • Taking care of refused materials

Additional Charges

Roofing, unlike any other home improvement project, is a bit complicated. There are many charges which you might not understand, but they in fact exist. For instance, cost of removing debris from the work site, cost of renting a dumpster to collect debris, cost of transporting material to the site, cost of supplying material on the roof, etc.

All these expenses are normal and if you find them in the quote don’t think that your contractor is trying to cheat you. However, if you aren’t clear with any terms or find the number way to high, make sure to ask for an explanation.

Don’t get fixated on the estimate

Keep in mind that an estimate is in fact only an estimate. A good contractor who has years of experience will be able to provide you with an almost accurate quote, but there are always chances of some minor changes. The thing is, there are many situations and complications which arise only when the roofing work starts.

Those uncertain conditions cannot be forecasted from before and hence the contractor may add some amount to the estimate provided earlier. If you are in need of top quality roofing services in Portland in Oregon, then check us out at stanlee.net.

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