Various Illustration And Animation Study Abroad Programs

Various Illustration And Animation Study Abroad Programs

Illustration and animation industry is gaining global acceptance due to the effective application in entertainment, art, advertisement, and branding in all industries. As much as illustration is more of a talent, there is still a lot people need to learn to fine tune their skills and know how to make great animation impact from this. A good example of a success in this industry is Ilustra – Illustration Agency which boasts clients from all over the world due to their fine illustrations. So, if you want to become an expert in this field, see some of the best study abroad programs you can take.

The Middlesex University, Uk (degree courses)

The school accepts students from all over the world and gives them the right tools they need to draw their own path to success. The school is also committed to making one better than what they would have achieved back at home to make their choice of enrolling to Middlesex worth. Since illustration and animation are more of practical courses, the university ensures that all the teachings are based on theory and more or practicals.The students also have the opportunity to showcase their work through various organized exhibitions.

API at LdM in Florence, Italy (various courses)

Academics Programs in Italy (API) is a program that allows a student from outside to study in Italy. Florence is one city that is rich in history, culture, and art. Therefore, the students will get an opportunity to meet inspiring work of the greatest artists and also mingle with some of the current fine illustrators. The Italian International Institute (LdM) is in Florence city and allows one to study various animation and illustration courses with ease.

Marbella Design Academy, Spain (BA, UK)

This school focusses on UK based degree courses in design where illustration and animation lies. They are one of the best in the world as their student have good facilities to compete with others in the globally recognized institutions. As a matter of fact, this school in an international grade and accepts some of the finest students from all over the world. With them, you can rest assured to get an opportunity in any illustration company.

Deakin university, Australia (degree)

The university is one of the best in Australia and offers full degree courses that are accepted globally. When it comes to illustration and animation, they have the media, communication, and creative arts course. With this, you can be sure to cover animation and motion capture, photography and other illustration related units which will make your talent more relevant in the world. The beauty of studying at Deakin university is that they have online studying options.

Paris college of art, France (American degree)

This school offers globally accepted American degree programs. It is located right in the middle of Paris and we all know that the best art programs are based here. Apart from getting all the resources to prosper in animation and illustration courses, Paris gives you an opportunity to get inspired by the work of some of the best illustrators in the world.


Apart from the above illustration and animation colleges in the across different parts of the world, there are many others in the USA, Canada, India and China just to mention but a few. However, the above list offers some of the best you can consider.

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